In honor of those teachers & associates (well-known and others) that I have studied with and/or who have directly inspired & guided me musically...

My Mother & Father He was a wonderful baritone and she accompanied him on piano at home.  He wanted the "four boys" to sing together on the Ed Sullivan show someday...

Hal Greer

My trumpet teacher during puberty - I always forgot to give him his check
Bruce Walance High school buddy and life-long friend who showed me how to play blues harmonica and piano by example.
Warren Balfour High school orchestra conductor who first exposed Bruce and I to electronic music, playing us Karlheinz Stockhausen after rehearsals.  Later, Bruce & I used Morton Subotnik as a soundtrack for a film.
Shirley Music theory and ear-training instructor while at UC San Diego - she wore sunglasses with an asymetrical frame
Jeff Raskin Philosophy instructor at UCSD - an expert at the Baroque recorder & gave me lessons.  Also showed me how to start programming in BASIC
Keith Ericson Author and UCSD professor.  Liked my project where I tried to program a computer (in BASIC) to write Baroque canons.  The program was a failure, implying the necessity of human creativity in composition.
Harry Partch Famous designer of unusual musical instruments.
Pauline Oliveros Electronic music pioneer, whereupon I worked with the Buchla & Moog
Bertram Turetsky Famous bassist and composer.  Told me my blues piano improvisations were just "finger stuff"...
Steve Next door neighbor who became my first jazz piano teacher
David Gordon UCSB harmony & ear-training instructor
Ed Applebaum UCSB composition professor
David Steinberg Next jazz piano teacher - let me copy his Real Book & record collection
Jim Argiro Jazz piano teacher at the Music Academy of the West.  Upon leaving, encouraged me to rent his studio there - "your playing will grow to match the vibrations in this room"
Fred Ramirez Salsa pianist in LA helped me build salsa "chops"
Joe Rotundi Salsa piannist in LA, often in Santa Barbara with the Estrada Bros.  Played on Linda Ronstadt's grammy CD "Frenesi"
Cesar Pedroso Pianist and composer for Los Van Van, spent nearly a hundred hours studying with him in Havana.  Told me I would be a good "son" player.
Elio Villafranca Piano teacher first year in Havana - also a master percussionist.  Now lives and teaches in Philadelphia  Wrote out alot of the montunos for me.
Chucho Valdes Pianist and leader of the legendary Irakere.  My duet with him in a Master Class In Havana gave me encouragement.
Robin Moore Original founder, trumpeter, vocalist & arranger for Somos Son in Winter 1995.  PhD specializing in Cuban musicology, now teaches world music at Temple University in Philadelphia.
Serge Kasimoff My roommate the first two years in Havana, has become a good friend.  Plays piano for Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca in Los Angeles.
Edgar Hernandez In 1995, I took a job commuting to San Diego so that I could study with Edgar, every week for six months.   Edgar is a bassist and also plays piano.  He had devised a system for learning salsa piano.  Working with his system helped me alot.  Edgar now lives in LA and is the leader of Charanga Cubana.
Andres Alain Pianist and music teacher in Havana, sponsored first performance of my composition "Afrodite"
Hilario Duran Pianist and director of Grupo Perspectiva.