My Yoga Teachers (in order of appearance...)

Erich Schiffmann

Erich is my oldest younger brother.  He says I gave him his first yoga book as a teenager.   More...

Lais da Silva

Lais sometimes practiced at Erich's house in Santa Rosa whereupon I first met her in the mid-80's.  Later, she opened the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in 1992.

Sarah Powers

Sarah taught regularly at the S.B. Yoga Center in the mid-nineties.  She co-taught a couple retreats in Mexico and Hawaii with Erich.  My daughter Alyssa now studies with her.

Lisa Walford

Lisa teaches for the Teacher Training program at the S.B. Yoga Center.  I also spent one Sunday a month for a year with her and Maty Ezraty in the Yoga Works On-Going Teacher Training.

Jillian Pransky

Jillian Pransky is a master at teaching the multi-level class.  More...

John Friend

John is the founder of Anusara Yoga.  His enthusiasm, energy, empowerment and expertise are contagious!  More...